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  • MISB Bocconi Automotive Conclave 2017

    MISB Bocconi Automotive Conclave 2017

    The aim of this Automotive Conclave is to drive a series of elaborations and discussions in the field of automobiles. Beginning with business disruptions, we shall explore the change in […]

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  • Why I Enjoy MISB Bocconi?

    Why I Enjoy MISB Bocconi?

    Written by Livia Thomas, PGPB Candidate 2018 M – Metamorphosis As cheesy as that sounds, you do end up leaving this school as a much more mature and experienced person […]

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  • Limited Space? Not really

    Limited Space? Not really

    MISB Bocconi, is comfortably situated in one of the most aristocratic locations of Mumbai, Powai. Powai offers a wide range of opportunities not only for personal needs but also for […]

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