About COE-CSR:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority topic for a business school whose aim is to prepare the management executives of today and tomorrow. The Center of Excellence – CSR was created in 2016 with the aim to explore how companies in India address this sensitive issue as we see this to be a growing area of importance in India.
  • The Center of Excellence – CSR is an active promoter of the CSR culture among students and practitioners contributing to organize CSR internships for IMB students, guest lectures and conferences.
  • It is to be noted that in India as per the Companies Act 2013, the Indian government has introduced a mandatory CSR Regulation for all companies above a certain size and based on profitability. India is, therefore, the first country in the world where committing and implementing CSR program by companies is compulsory.
  • The concept is strongly supported by the Dean and the MD of SDA Bocconi Asia Center.


  • Generate a social awareness among students, so that, as management practitioners, they are aware about the developmental needs of India

“We think it is very important for students to be socially conscious of the weaker sections of society and contribute towards development in some way.”
Prof Dr. Anjana Grewal, Senior Professor, and Senior Director – Centers of Excellence.


  • Organize CSR internships for students with the support of the students’ Social Club.
  • Create a comprehensive record of the annual internships undertaken and the learnings through field activity.


  • CSR Research Project undertaken by Prof Paola Bielli on “CSR practices of European MNC operating in India”, 2016.
  • A joint effort by SDA Bocconi Asia Center and CESVI (a leading Italian NGO)
  • CSR Internship organized for the first time for PGPB6 students in June, 2018
  • Blood donation camps organized from-time-to-time

Guest Speakers & Conferences:

  • With support of relevant students’ clubs
Vikas Dahia completed his CSR Internship at UPAY (Under Privileged Advancement by Youth) at Sikandarpur Center in Nagpur Zone.
Shivam Khandelwal interned with Association of Conservation and Tourism (ACT) while interacting with Santhal tribal villagers