The Program

The Global Executive Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an intensive modular and international program demonstrates how, in the age of change and digital transformation, opportunities beckon potential entrepreneurs to start new businesses and challenge seasoned entrepreneurs and senior managers to transform existing ones. The global business environment challenges entrepreneurs to develop a set of comprehensive and actionable tools to successfully leverage innovative opportunities and drive change within their own organizations.

In collaboration with Polachirackal Tharakan family and Kottukapally family, both of Kerala.





  • Greater understanding and skills for scaling up and governing your business or teams with innovative ideas and tools
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and trends on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Understanding of European and Italian excellence with learnings from successful international family-owned businesses
  • Understanding and insights into the customers you are serving – a powerful tool for innovation
  • The opportunity to learn and engage with top international Bocconi Faculty
  • Program Duration 12 Months
  • Mumbai | Kochi | Milano | Dubai | Abu Dhabi
  • Certificate from SDA Bocconi School Of Management, Italy
  • Access to 100,000+ Bocconi Alumni
  • The program begins in January 2019
  • Ribu Polachirackal Tharakan
    tel. +91 97456 50693
  • Amrin Mehrotra
    tel . +91 90040 68518