Admission Process

It is based on an overall profile analysis on below-mentioned factors:

Academic Abilities: Candidates with a consistent academic background and a demonstrated ability to sustain pressure have an advantage in the selection process.

Soft skills and talents, such as enthusiasm, ability to listen, concentration, involvement, responsibility, motivation to grow as a manager and a person is critical for selection; it is meant not only to determine if the candidates are suitable for the program, but also whether the program will meet each candidate’s expectations and career goals.

Test Scores: Applicants must also score well on admission test scores (CAT, GMAT, GRE, NMAT by GMAC, CMAT or Bocconi test).

Please Note: SDA Bocconi Asia Center formerly MISB Bocconi does not indicate any “cut off” restriction; a high test score is definitely helpful, but – for instance – an average score could be compensated by the candidate’s excellence in other areas.

Extra-Curricular: Management experience, leadership potential, entrepreneurial experience, communication skills, creativity and involvement in community and extracurricular activities are additional considerations.

When Should I Apply?

  1. We encourage applicants to apply in the earlier round, as space in the class may be limited by the third and fourth round. In addition, applying in the earlier rounds will give candidates more time to address the following issues:
  2. Higher amount of Tuition waiver is available to be disbursed in the earlier rounds.
  3. Candidates who wish to be considered for the Scholarship awards will have an advantage if they apply early as the number of scholarship awards is extremely limited and is based on very specific conditions.
  4. Processing of loans takes time so the sooner you apply, the earlier you will be able to arrange for your finances.
  5. Hostel Facilities are limited and are allotted only after the enrolment. Later round candidates might face difficulties in availing hostel facilities.
  6. Early applicants are viewed as serious and well-prepared candidates. By applying early, you stand a greater statistical chance of being accepted, as you’re only being measured against other early entrants.
  7. The early application gives you enough time to do well in other test and submit a new score. Also, it allows you to pursue other schools if you’re rejected by us.