About Bocconi Test

The Bocconi Test may be a different kind of exam than what you’ve experienced in the past. While others focus on straight-forward scores, the Bocconi Test assesses something different: your potential for success in the work environment. The test is computer adaptive, features a constantly updated question bank and has no negative markings. The result? A true determination of your potential to contribute — both as an IMB student and as a future business leader.

Please note that the final decision, if a candidate can take Bocconi Test or not, lies with the admissions team.

The test has three main sections with 30-35 Questions in each section for the total of 70 Mins.

Verify Verbal Reasoning – Time Length: 19 minutes
Description: Measures a candidate’s ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of argument as presented in written form. The test measures the ability to determine the support for conclusions drawn using content that typifies a variety of work settings. The Question format is multiple choice questions (MCQ).

Verify Numeric Reasoning – Time Length:  25 minutes
Description: Measures a candidate’s ability to make correct decisions or inferences from numerical or statistical data. The test is intended to measure the ability to work with numerical data in a realistic workplace context. Question format is MCQ and requires numeric calculations, interpretation of graphical data and tables

Verify Inductive Reasoning – Time Length: 25 minutes
Description: Tests a candidate’s ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge. It essentially tests logical reasoning and question formats include recognition of numeric and spatial patterns.

These tests are computer adaptive and focus on reasoning scenarios that are relevant from a professional standpoint with No negative marking.

How to prepare for the tests:

Please note  –
– max. no of questions means the total no. of questions in each section.
– average time means the average time taken by students till date in each section
– allowed time means the max. time provided per section, after which the session ends.

FOR ALL THE CITIES – The test will be conducted online (Except Mumbai)


  1. Start your PGPB Application
  2. Select the option to attempt Bocconi test in the PGPB application
  3. Submit the PGPB Application
  4. Admissions team will get back to you

Bocconi Test : Here’s What You Need To Know

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