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L ” export ‘Italian business school

Written by: Gaia Anna Fiertler, February 23 2016: http://www.ilsole24ore.com/

Middle East, Africa, India, China, South America: the Italian business schools have new horizons. From January thirty top executives meets monthly in Beirut for a management course organized by the French school Esa and SDA Bocconi that, in May, will also put in the classroom 25 Saudi for a course in general management in Jeddah, in collaboration with the local Effat University. Meanwhile, in Africa, they are preparing to become entrepreneurs 206 students, 40% are women, who are attending the global mba in entrepreneurship Impact of Altis – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. And in the SDA Bocconi in Mumbai Indian campus form of international managers for enterprises of the country.

At Tongji University in Shanghai, however, the Polidesign holds a master’s degree in Design Management innovative environments for the MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano. That “will arrive” in South America with the International flex emba, which kicks off in October. This is the online version (but are also provided weeks of face-to-face interaction in the presence) of executive MBA (master of business administration) that, after the Italian success, will be conveyed internationally by Wobi (World of business ideas ), the World business forum organizer. The faculty will be mixed, with faculty of Mip and testimonial of Wobi networks, such as Richard Branson, Michael Porter, Nouriel Roubini, Joseph Stiglitz and Steve Wozniak. An innovative partnership in an equally innovative delivery methods, advanced on a Microsoft platform.

So far the most practiced exchange between universities was to accommodate a rotating basis in their respective countries the students of the degrees with “double degree” or a double degree master, such as part-time MBA Foundation Cuoa Altavilla Vicentina with Michigan University. But universities are increasing opportunities to teach courses on site abroad and strengthen its presence as SDA Bocconi with MISB campus in Mumbai and Catholic in Africa with E4Impact project. Export know-how, prepare local managers (also for Italian companies), forming entrepreneurs and close the loop bringing in Italy new knowledge available to their faculty and companies interested in global business.

SDA Bocconi, for example, only Italian school among the 153 universities in the world with a home abroad, was a first mover in the lobby in India in 2012. With the Post graduate program in business form young international managers that combine local and global, and that are in Milan for six months in via Sarfatti headquarters. Says Stefano Caselli, Vice Rector for the internationalization of Bocconi University and Academic Director of MISB Bocconi: “India is a fast growing market, where the European title in a prestigious school is greatly appreciated. We also organize a master executive for top managers who live in India and have started providing courses for Icici Bank, the second Indian bank with 600 thousand employees, and for the Future Group holding. The result is that we generate new knowledge that enriches our same offer in Italy and that, in my opinion, could be exploited by our companies interested in that market. ”

The project of the Catholic Church in Africa, which in five years has already trained 185 entrepreneurs and businesswomen in Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Ivory Coast, has received interest from major industrial groups and last September was constituted the E4Impact Foundation, which includes SECURFIN, Mapei and Salini Impregilo over at the Catholic University and the Association Always Africa (bringing together professors already involved in the initiative). The goal is ambitious: to bring the master in 15 African countries by 2020 (this year Tanzania and Senegal), train 3,000 young entrepreneurs, and encourage the creation of 500 new businesses with thousands of jobs.

Explains Mario Molteni, CEO of E4Impact Foundation, President of Always Africa and professor of business administration at the Catholic University of Milan: “We intercept that band of graduates of local universities who do not go abroad to complete their training and we bring them our model of sustainable enterprise with a strong social impact. Agrifood, green economy, education and health services and the world of apps, also growing in Africa, are the main areas on which to focus and on which our companies show interest in an entrepreneurial development. ” For Italian companies is the ability to offer scholarships (the mid line value) for those students who will follow during the master projects of interest to the companies themselves to enter or expand in the area.

Originally the article was published on February 23 2016: http://www.ilsole24ore.com/