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This event organised by MISB Bocconi will give you an opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs from different industries.

MISB Bocconi aims to direct a conversation that delves into various aspects of the startup ecosystem. The panel will share their views on various topics like; Idea Validation, Product-Market fit & Business Model fit, Building a Scalable Organization from Scratch; Exits, Pivots & Calling it quits; and the Dark Side of being an Entrepreneur.

This event is open for Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Investors & People who intend to start their own ventures.

Panel Discussion ‘Let the minds talk’ The discussion will be moderated by our Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning, Prof. Mikkel Draebye.

The panel will discuss various aspects as below,

– “Dark side of being an Entrepreneur” – Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur today what nobody knows what’s on the other side of it.
– How do you validate the identified gap in the market place that can be turned into a foolproof Business venture
– How do you get a Startup started; How do you decide your core team, How do you get the meetings
with the key people related to your industry, How do decide your funding levels – all in all ‘Life savings tips for Startup’
– Successful exit strategies; When do you know it’s the right time sell & exit with ‘Pride and Profit’
– Corporate board meeting V/S Startup board meeting etc.

 4.00 PM – Connect and Learn with Founders / Key Members
 4.45 PM – Refreshments
 5:00 PM – Panel Discussion ‘Let the Minds talk’. – Share and Engage
 6.00 PM – Interactive informal session for the interested students to engage with Entrepreneurs followed with Tea / Coffee and Snacks
 6.30 PM – Closing